Top 4 face packs for skin whitening from Famous Actress

Face packs of Bollywood actresses (face mask for skin whitening)

It’s important to get visibly glowing skin to have a nutritionally healthy diet with proper sleep and enough meditation and yoga. But with yoga, we should maintain and pamper our skin with the things that our skin needs. And before applying anything on our face whether it is chemical based or made up of natural ingredients, we should check or test it by applying it on a small portion of our skin and leave it accordingly time as you were about to leave on your face or as mentioned from you are following it, it is called skin allergy test.

People nowadays, due to lots of heavy work and less time in their life, need to remember to pamper themselves, their skin, diet, and skincare. We all should be more concerned about our health and skin, and try to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. To protect our skin from sun exposure, we should make sure that we are applying enough sunscreen before going out in the sun, exposure to the sun’s UV rays leads to signs of early aging such as saggy skin, dark spots, wrinkles, lethargy skin, liver spots and many more.

Madhuri Dixit’s Sandalwood face mask for skin whitening

We all love and are aware of our dancing queen Madhuri Dixit’s beauty and hard work. But ever you wonder, how she maintains and cares for her skin and beauty in her busy and heavy days. How does she Pampers her skin to maintain her glow? She revealed the secrets behind her beautiful glowing skin in her previous interviews with us.

She told us how she believes in natural things and products. She rarely applies chemical-based products on her face mask for skin whitening with a healthy diet and some stretches and yoga. So here I am going to tell you some effective and easy DIY face packs which are inspired by Bollywood celebrities.

  So let’s get started!

the secret recipe of Madhuri’s glow.

 Ingredients that you need

Sandalwood powder               half tablespoon     

Turmeric powder                     one or two pinch

Gram flour                               half tablespoon

Tomato juice                           3-4 tablespoons or as                                                                              .                                                        desired to get a

                                           consistency like a paste.

The recipe is easy to breath, but make sure you have taken all the things pure and natural. Because before using anything on our skin or face we should be confirmed that we are using everything pure and natural, and it should be not allergic to us.

So just make sure that the powder you are going to take to make this face pack is 100% pure and safe for you and your skin. Because nowadays sandalwood comes in various qualities. Fake ones can irritate your skin. You can find pure sandalwood powder here.

To get better results you should have it in pure form. So, to make this paste just take a small glass bowl and add sandalwood powder in it followed by the turmeric powder then add gram flour into it and mix all three powdered well. Make sure you do not have any lumps in gram flour, to make it lumps free you can strain gram flour before adding it into the bowl with the help of a strainer. Then you can add the pure tomato juice without the seeds of the tomato. Then mix mix mix!

Mix all the things properly and when it comes out in a proper pasty consistency, then leave it for 20- 30 minutes. Wash your face properly and remove all the dirt and impurities, Then mix again the paste and directly apply it on your face with the help of a brush. Keep it on you for around 30- 40 minutes, then wash with just water and pat dry, if you need you can apply moisturizer to moisturize your face as well.

Ananya Pandey’s Coffee Aloe mask

We all know that our super duper hit-and-fit Ananya Pandey has something different and unique in her style and personality. Everyone is aware of her beauty and talent.

She is one of the most famous star kids in the Bollywood industry and a beauty too. In her many previous interviews, she shared her beauty secrets and healthy routines. So here I am sharing one of her beauty secrets which might help you to get healthy and glowing skin. She also revealed that she uses Aloe vera a lot in her lifestyle to get a beautiful figure as well as skin too. So there’s no doubt that Ananya’s beauty key is Aloe vera. So let’s know with us how she uses to apply it to her skin to get glowing skin. So all you need is just a pure aloe vera leaf, aloe is the main part, and having the main role in this face pack, you should have pure aloe vera. It should be that fresh as like, you are taking it from your garden. That can be a good idea for you, to grow aloe in your garden, so you can get the best and fresh aloe vera whenever you want.

 So just take one leaf of aloe vera and peel it off and get the pulp out in a clean mixer jar and grind it well. Then take it out in a clean glass bowl and add some coffee powder in it and mix both things well to make a proper brownish-colored gel.

Then wash your face with face wash to get rid of all the impurities and dirt and then on a clean face apply the mixture of aloe vera and coffee with the help of your clean make-up-free makeup brush or you can also apply it with the help of your fingertips. Apply on regular basis to get better results. You can apply 3-4 times a week to get glowing and healthy skin like Ananya Panday.

Top 4 face packs for skin whitening from Famous Actress
Top 4 face packs for skin whitening from Famous Actress

Ridhima’s Sugar and Curd Masage

Everyone is in love with Ridhima’s Gosh style and dressing sense she has as well as her glow, beauty, and with her beauty secrets, she use to follow. Also, she shared Many times in her previous interviews, that she remains very conscious of her beauty and skin. She never compromises her health and beauty and mains a healthy diet, because health and nutrition are a must for all. So here we go with the recipe for sugar and curd massage.

You will be wondered if you start to count the benefits of sugar on your skin but you will be fed up if you find out how sugar affects you and your health badly.There are many ways to pamper your skin with sugar because sugar heals our skin in many ways and there are lots of recipes with it. But here I am going to tell you this magical thing to blend with another magical thing that is curd!

Yes, you heard it right! My friends! curd is the only thing that contains many natural moisturizing qualities which your skin badly needs in this pollution era. All you have to do is just you have to take one neat and clean glass bowl and you have to add one tablespoon of sugar in it and then add hung curd( it should be without water).

Just mix both things together until the sugar gets dissolved, but don’t mix it over, because stirring. If too much can cause the curd to start to leave its fat then it will be useless to use and apply. So, then just get your face wash off and then pat dry, on a clean dirt free face you can apply on, with your clean and sanitized hand, and start massaging in a circular motion, if you do not know how to massage your face, you can read it by tapping once  here.

Kiara Advani’s Lemon sugar leave-in mask

So, now just talk about our all-time favorite Kiara Advani, who recently gets tie knotted with her loved one Siddharth Malhotra. On her wedding day, she flaunted in such a manner that her glow broke out all records, she got million billions of likes and views on the reel she shared with her fans on her special day.

So lets come to the routine she use to follow to main her skin naturally. Because nature has all the answers to all tough questions and it is best. And everyone loves natural things because it results in the best and never get old the era of natural, and it is skin-friendly also.

As Ridhima does, Kiara also loves to believe and has faith in sugary based face packs, to know more about the benefits of sugar for the face you can read here. Ridhima shared in her interviews and on her stories in lockdown that she is totally in love with the lemon and sugar mask, it gives her a glow and shines like a star. And also shared many times the procedure to apply it on your face.

All you have to do is you just take a table spoon of any type of sugar and then take it out in a bowl then add two-three tablespoons of lemon juice in it, and mix these two things well to add up more glow and make it more effective can add two Vitamin E capsules in it which you can easily find on your nearest pharmacy. Or you can buy it from here

Just apply it all over your face and neck and lightly massage in circular motion and leave it for thirty minutes and then rinse it off with normal water. And get glow like stars as Kiara has. Don’t forget to do a skin allergy test before using these things on you, because it’s you and your responsibility to care for it.

Love you all till my next blog.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

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