5 Easy Ways To Learn English Quickly

How can I learn English?

If you are tired of being embarrassed again and again in front of others, people start making fun of you whenever you try to talk in English with them, The sentence is in your mind, but you can’t speak it fluently. If you are searching for some easy-peasy ways, tips, and techniques to learn and become fluent, you are in the right place.

Here, I am sharing five convenient, easiest, and most effective ways with you to Learn English Quickly like a. pro foreigner😎

So, first of all, to become a fluent speaker like a foreigner, you have to start from them that is

1) English Movies

Yes! English movies the language and style being used nowadays in Hollywood is totally updated and you can say it is totally upgraded. The pronunciation, the sentence formation, the slang, the subject-verb agreement you can find everything there to build up your speaking skills quickly in a few days. it’s the best way to Learn English Quickly.

If you watch daily one Hollywood movie then You will start to see results within 2 or 3 weeks. This will help you to Learn English Quickly.

Tips/ tricks for watch effectively To Learn English Quickly

💡 Tip- watch movies that contain captions too. reading also plays an important role in speaking. unless you do not know what you are about to speak, what are the spellings and differences between in homonyms, you can’t speak. so, captions can be helpful as well for better understanding.

💡 Tip- make sure you are watching in high definition quality by which you can easily see their mouth way of speaking to become better at pronunciation too.

💡 Tip- having good quality earphones with high-definition quality pictures is a big combo.

💡 Tip- for better results and learning try to watch alone by which you can repeat/forward those sentences where you didn’t get the thing.

💡 Tip- never watch English movies in low quality, it can be irritating for you and it may stop you to watch further

💡 Tip- always watch in HD quality and interesting content to keep up your interest maintained, it will also not let you be bored as well.

So starting from here can be a key for you, You can also watch web series because it contains content that can increase your interest. You can try Italian movies as well, Italians have their unique pronunciation but are much more familiar with Americans and British people. Try to watch one movie per day and also try to remember the movie’s name, actor/actress’s name as well and also new words that you learned from it because you are not watching it for entertainment purposes so, it would be great if you suggest things to other, it will increase your confidence that you are suggesting to watch something to others, if it is possible, then you can try to tell the story as well to your siblings or you can tell to your friends as well, then they will think you are into it, and before making fun of you they will think twice whether he/she right. This is great way to Learn English Quickly.

Here a list for movies suggestion below:

  • Titanic
  • Lord of the Rings
  • La Vista E Bella
  • Evil dead
  • Beautiful mind 
  • The dark Knight
  • Avatar
  • No time to die
  • Spiderman
  • Harry potter [all parts]
  • A full day of work
  • La Dolce Vita

2) Prepare your intro

The introduction is the basic, and the most important thing for a person in any field, anywhere you go, you just need to introduce yourself first at a professional level, as well as non-professional or you can say in casual gatherings too. Prepare your introduction in a way that describes your qualifications followed by your full name and your interest-based hobbies. Generally, people don’t know even about themself. what happens sometimes, is if someone asks about their interests and hobbies, they might get confused it happened with those who don’t study themselves and not prepares their proper introduction.

So preparing a fluent description/introduction about yourself can be a game changer for your personality and build you to Learn English Quickly

Tip- Make sure that you have prepared your introduction grammar-wise correctly and it is very necessary to speak in correct sentences because it is totally about you and can make a bad effect on your personality if you make mistakes while talking about yourself with others, so keep in mind to prepare it without making any mistakes in it and Learn English Quickly.

💡 Tip- It should be straightforward and to the point as well, don’t try to make it long, otherwise it can sound weird.

💡 Tip- The data/content should be series wise that is

your name>from where you belongs>your qualifications[if it is for professional use]>your college/school>hobbies>family/friends

After this series, you can add things you want to tell them about yourself. An introduction is like one Indian dish named ‘bhelpuri’ it should contain everything but in suitable quantity and quality too.

3) Use the talk now app

Nowadays, people spend money, and time learning English quickly but they don’t get the results because we can learn English by daily practice of speaking daily. It is a language you can’t break into pieces like grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. you need everything at a time to speak, so, breaking it for learning as I will learn grammar today, tomorrow I will learn vocabulary and all. Now, no need to spend money to buy subscriptions to applications and courses. I am telling you an application that you can simply download from google and can use it directly because it is free of cost and has no ads too.

5 Easy Ways To Learn English Quickly
5 Easy Ways To Learn English Quickly

Recommending you this app because it is based on random calls over Indian users only, and is only developed to learn English quickly. Here you can talk to strangers without any time limits and can get the point as a feedback which can come to your profile as a score. This will great help you to Learn English Quickly.

💡 Tip- don’t share your personal data and information with strangers.

💡 Tip- Never share your social media identity with strangers.

💡 Tip- don’t ask people about their personal no. and other sensitive things it might be to delete your account or the owner of the app can block you from the application as well.

 Here is the link as well to get the app easily, you can use the app and can be better at it , and you can share it with your friends as well.


Simply download it for free, learn, and enjoy from the different states of India, Indians have the same problem with speaking English.

4) Talk to self

Many beginner English learners hesitate to talk with others, so it’s a great idea to Talk to yourself in English and improve your English skills in easy. You can just go to the mirror and talk to yourself for hours. While talking with yourself in the mirror there is no one to judge you here. It can boost your confidence like fire and magic. People will be keen to know the tips and techniques from you to learn English quickly.

It’s the best, most convenient, and cheapest way to learn English quickly at home.

You can pick one new topic daily and you can speak up on it. Before sitting in front of the mirror keep in mind that you are the best and you can achieve your goals only you can do it for yourself, no one else will not do it for you. In short, be confident while you are speaking. This will help you to Learn English Quickly.

Dressing neat, nice and properly can boost your confidence, by this you can speak to yourself for a long time. It also gives you time to talk and discuss other decisions with you and can solve your other life’s problems. Mirror talk is famous and is an effective way to burst the depression anxiety and other things. People nowadays are so busy and due to this, they forget to give some quality time with themselves. This stress and tiredness for the whole day come out in the form of depression and anxiety, so giving yourself some time, at least 5-10 can be a game changer for people who are having a lot of work stress.

Before work and family/friends you should give time to yourself first because health is a must of all. Everything starts with health, if you are not having good health then you can’t achieve the things you want.

So, you should have a healthy mind and body to learn new things.

Start mirror talking gradually if you are not good at it, if you are a beginner, and don’t know how to talk, then simply you can start it with Hindi, then you can change it later in English, before speaking a particular English sentence you can say it in Hindi in your mind and try to translate in mind and then try to speak, don’t rush, you are not about to leave your train. You have time, you can speak slowly, it’s totally normal and is a good thing too and it also shows politeness as well. This will help you to Learn English Quickly.

5) The Vibe of English songs

If you are a native speaker then you may be wondering how people can sing in that much good voice with higher notes. You must wonder how people can sing in English with that much fluency. Now, you don’t need to be amazed, you also can be good at it by doing some practice and by learning some lyrics, that’s it, my friend!

Listening to English songs is the best way to learn English with Joy. When the summer comes and the seasons get hot your mood gets automatically for the songs so it’s the best option to learn English and you can have a great opportunity. so let’s get the benefit of this time. By listening to songs you can learn the new words which are in trend nowadays, and also you can get the correct pronunciation of those words. This will help you to Learn English Quickly.

💡 Tip- If you are listening to English songs for the first time so make sure then you are having some eyes on the lyrics it can increase the reading power as well.

💡 Tip- And try to memorize them, it can help you to be a fluent speaker.

💡 Tip- You learn and can sing some songs as well, it will increase your confidence.

💡 Tip- Make sure that you are watching the song’s video as well, by doing this you can be a master at getting the words and correct pronunciation too, and this can lead you to learn English quickly.

If you are not a song person we can suggest you some great taste music list to listen in boring and this opportunity time. Check the list below:

  1. Someone you loved- Lewis Capaldi
  2. Love Yourself- Justin Bieber
  3. Left and Right- Charlie Puth
  4. Bones- Imagine Dragon
  5. The Drum- Alan Walker
  6. Friends- Annie Marie

Be Attentive that you carefully read the lyrics because usually these English songs are sung in a very high accent so you may search the lyrics for the song on Google.

Following these tips and tricks regularly for a month can show you the changes in yourself definitely, these are the ways recommended to many people from my personal experience.If I can learn it, so you will definitely learn to speak English by following these 5 things. Because I learned to speak English from ABC literally from the alphabet. You are still a master if you are able to read and understand what I have shared with you. I just shared my personal experience with you, how I learned and make myself to give suggestions and advice to learn English quickly.

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