4 Ways For Winter hair Care Tips For Wavy Hair

It would not be wrong to say that all of us want beautiful hair. Hairs are the thing that people noticed most than other things. but it’s too difficult nowadays to maintain a healthy hair routine and protect our hair in this polluted era. Styling hair with chemicals and heat gives you a huge amount of damage to your hair as well as to your scalp as well And it’s not possible to not style your hair before to attend or go in gathering, so in short, we can stop ourselves damage our hairs, because a good hairstyle gives you complete look, if you don’t style these things your hair, so what would you do with hair then, means they are useless if you are not flaunting them.

So in regard to these problems, I have a perfect and complete solution with my own experience.

It would not be wrong to say that these remedies are not mine. I learned them from my grandmother who is no more, may god give her paradise and rest in peace.

So first of all you should have a healthy scalp first to get healthy hair. Oiling from time to time and complete hydration is a must of all or you can say it’s a basic thing to get healthy and strong hair for life and you should follow this habit strongly. 

 To get healthy hair the first point must is onion mustard oil;-

Onion-mustard oil

You have been must oiling your hair since childhood but this oil is different from those regular oils. It is totally chemical-free and filled with goodness which your hairs need.

So let’s how to make it. It is so simple to remedy and low at a cost too. 

So you just need these to make this oil which you can easily find in your kitchen.

Mustard oil            –           250 gm

Onion paste                   -.          One medium size

coconut oil(optional)      –     50 gm

Directions:- It’s simple you just put a pan on the stove and put oil in the pan and heat until it becomes light and then cool it down a bit then you can add onion paste and stir until the onion loses its goodness then turn the stove off. After Cooling it down you can add coconut oil for fragrance if it is winter and you don’t want to add coconut oil then you can use rosemary oil other you can skip this part then simply pour it in a container to keep it safe and further use.

You can use it before wash day overnight.

4 Ways For Winter hair Care Tips For Wavy Hair

Trust me it is the cheapest, best, and most effective way to grow your hair and also to protect them from damage. Onion can give a strong smell but it is a convenient way to give proper nourishment to your scalp and as well as hair.

Change shampooing method

Yes, change your method to apply shampoo, we all know that shampoos are evil of our hairs but still we use them. So its impossible to not use shampoo. Because cleaning is important and it is the only way which is easy and takes only minutes to do shampoo. But you don’t know by changing the method you can decrease the bad effects of shampoo by 50%.

So what you have to do. You just need a regular shampoo which you generally use or which suits to your hairs best and then keep in mind that only your scalp need shampoo not your full length of hairs, so avoid apply to use shampoo on hair length.

What you have to do, you have to just rinse your hair with water then Just take desirable amount of shampoo according to your scalp,  immulsify in your hand and make some bubble and with the fingertips apply it  only on the scalp area just massage your scalp lightly with only fingertips, your nails should be trimmed, because wet hairs and roots are too sensitive after massaging rinse with water, for hair length it is enough to get the residue shampoo while washing the scalp. No need to add shampoo separately to hair length. 

You can repeat this step 2-3 time as per your need in case if you were having oil in your scalp so you will need 2-3 steps to wash the oil properly from scalp, but don’t apply shampoo directly to your hairs.

If you are beginner facing difficulty to do this method so you just take a bathing mug and fill ot half and add shampoo in it, mix it with hand and gradually pour on your wet hair so your hair will not get so much damage, and after washing, wash it with water properly, completely wash the shampoo, because shampoo is our evil, ladies!

Satin pillow cover and scrunchies

You might know some about Static energy and hairs are best friends.

Means you should keep your hairs to generate static energy with other fabric or rubber bands. because it results damaged hairs.

Its hard to believe but its totally true that static leads to frizz and frizz leads to damage. 

You can buy satin pillow cover and satin scrunchies to make a loose pony tail on top of  forhead and then sleep, you can scrunchies for style purpose as well. You can also make these thing at home.

After using thses things, Within a month you will start to see results, when will you wake up in morning there will be no frizz at all.

It is also beneficial when you want your hairstyle for next as well, you just need to tie hair loosely with help of a scrunchie and can enjoy your sleep.

If you are too concious and loving this remedy then you can use a satin bonnet as well then it will work for you like cottony soft cloud, you will forget what the frizz is?

So it is also convenient and easiest way to protect your hair while sleeping at low cost.


Dandruff is a condition when little pieces of dry skin from scalp flake off. You might noticed on someone’s shirt or on you .

Dandruff is a common problem and most common in people during winters due to dryness in scalp.

Shampoo takes off the moisture and leaves the scalp to form dandruff and it lead to hair fall due to dry hair roots.

Your hairs should be well moistened and cleaned.

If you want to get rid of dandruff and being notified among the people due to dandruff and want a natural way then you can follow these simple steps.

Firstly if you are having dandruff so before taking bath, take a  lemon and squeeze it into a bowl and then apply this lemon juice in your scalp and massage lightly with finger tips, don’t use nails otherwise you can hurt yourself and lemon will make you feel irritate to your scalp.

Leave it for 45min -1 hour then you can rinse it off with water with a massage and then apply head n shoulder shampoo in your scalp and then again massage scalp lightly for about 3-4 minutes and then finally rinse all the things. Soak your hair properly then add oil to give  moisture to scalp it Will help you to not give you dandruff again.

So these are some tips to take care your hairs and Avoid damage, you must follow these if you are facing problem like hair growth issue, damaged hairs and dandruff. Share with your friends stay safe and happy!

Ba bye!


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