4 Secret Face Packs Inspired by Bollywood Actresses

It is not wrong to say whether we have dark or light tones, all we want is just healthy and glowing skin. It is a myth or you can say it is a massive stereotype that light-toned is better than dark skin tone. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way I mean how, why, how can we divide humans/ humanity on the base of their colour? Are we dividing animals, birds, and nature on the base of their colour? Are we making a difference among plants?

We will explore 4 secret Face packs mentioned above in this blog.

What are Face Packs?

The answer to all the above questions is NO. a simple short No. because each creature on this earth has its unique and different qualities, which, we humans can’t divide, likewise humans are. We cant divide humans as well, for their colour, because humans also have different qualities, giving only two names, light and dark, can’t describe a person’s whole personality.

So, here I am going to tell you 8 glowing masks totally inspired by Bollywood actresses that will glow your skin after using them twice thrice a week. check them out!

Rakul Preet’s Banana facial mask

Bollywood’s Diva Rakulpreet is famous for its bold looks and styles. Everyone is aware of her styles and her bold looks, but people know about her beauty secrets and tip so here we are going to discuss her secret DIY mask, which she uses to apply on her face 3-4 times a week, she stated this in her previous interviews, so let’s check out the procedure to make it.

                           Let’s get started!

Banana.     -.    1 No.

Lemon juice.     -.  3 tablespoon

All you have to do is just, first mash the banana in a clean glass bowl and then add the lemon juice in it, mix it well until it becomes to change colour.

Keep it aside and wash your face properly with your daily face wash. Then apply the paste with the help of a brush or you can use your hand as well, keep the massage for five minutes then leave it for thirty to forty minutes. Then wash your face with water, don’t use any face wash this time and pat dry with a towel.

You can also store your mask in an air-tight box in the refrigerator, For up to one week.

Repeat this process twice or thrice a week to get perfect shiny and healthy skin.

Shraddha Kapoor’s Coffee mask

All we love our Bollywood’s star kid all-rounder Shraddha Kapoor. Generally, people think about very rich celebrities so they use expensive products, things for their faces and all.

It is true but not a hundred per cent true. The glow and shine that we get from natural things, we can’t get that glow from expensive chemical products.

So the truth is that we can’t change or replace our nature with any expensive chemicals.

Chemicals used to be very harsh on our skin, they can give us a temporary glow but they damage and kill our healthy skin cells later on.

So let’s discuss what are Shraddha’s tips and secrets behind her beauty and that glowing skin without using harsh chemicals.

                            So here we go!

Coffee powder -.      1 tablespoon

Gram flour-.             Half tablespoon 

Honey-                    half tablespoon                 

Yoghurt-.                   As required to make a thick      

        paste, quantity can vary

                               due to its consistency 

Procedure to make this mask:-

Firstly you have to take one Glass bowl and add one tablespoon of coffee powder in it, followed by the gram flour and mix properly, then add honey and yoghurt [to make a consistency like a paste which be applied easily on your face]  and then again mix it properly.

Now you can apply it on your face but make sure that your paste is not having any lumps otherwise you will not get all the benefits of it.

You can apply it on your face after washing, results will be best if applied on a regular basis 

4 Secret Face Packs Inspired by Bollywood Actresses
4 Secret Face Packs Inspired by Bollywood Actresses

Jaqueline Farnandaze’s Rejuvenating Aloe Vera mask

We can’t count the benefits and goodness that Aloe Vera can give us, maybe that’s why our beautiful charming doll, Jaqueline Fernandez chose Aloe Vera and follows the mask based on Aloe vera, and have a baby’s soft skin.

She shared in her previous interviews as well as in her stories, that she is in love with aloe vera and DIY based on it.

Also, she use to grow aloe vera plants in her gardens because she want natural aloes that grew up with love and care by her, so aloes can give back that love and care to her also.

So let’s check out the way, how she used to apply it!

Aloe vera gel[ pure gives the best results]         –       two tablespoon 

 Honey                                                                –       one tablespoon

Rose water[optional]                                           –       one teaspoon

Applying Method

It is just simple as pie! All you have to do is just mix all the ingredients together in a glass bowl and apply them on your clean face with the help of a brush if you are not comfortable with that you can use your finger to apply on.

Leave it on your face for 25-30 mins and then wash your face with cold water and pat dry with a cotton t-shirt.

In winter you can use aloe vera as a moisturizer, aloe vera has all the moisturizing qualities that can moisturize your skin up to 8 after application, so it is the best natural and with no side effects moisturizer.

Deepika’s Classic haldi mask

Bollywood’s Mastani Girl Deepika Padukone also has faith and keeps following the classic and traditional old, dadi maa’s remedies that work as a rounder, and also she has healthy and glowing skin that all we want to have.

Also, her husband keeps following traditional natural DIYs for his skin care.

In a lockdown, they kept sharing their DIYsto with their fans through social media.

So I am providing true information and remedies that are totally inspired by Bollywood celebrities.

So let’s have look, at which natural, classic remedy they use for themselves;-


Gram flour     – two tablespoon

Turmeric powder       –  one teaspoon

Milk Cream    –  3-4 tablespoon

To make this paste make sure you are having no lump gram flour, to make it lump free you can strain it with the help of a strainer, after making it lump-free you can add Turmeric Powder followed by pure fresh cold milk cream to moisturize, and for glowing skin.

Mix it properly with the help of a spoon and apply it to your skin.

For applying, first, wash your face with facewash to make it oil-free, and then apply the paste on your clean face with the help of a brush or your fingertips to get better results.

So, friends, these 4 secret Face packs that Bollywood celebrities use to apply on faces to get glowing and healthy skin in this polluted era.

 If you have any skin allergies you can test the paste/mask on your hand before applying it on the face.

Hope you guys will enjoy and love these remedies. Don’t forget to comment your valuable feedback to us <3

Stay happy, and stay safe!

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